Representative for Bulgaria of  VID FIREKILL

Marketing & Media Communications Services

1. Marketing and Communications

We develop, design, produce and deliver marketing, PR and media communications solutions for technology, engineering and manufacturing sector companies

2. Media Publications

We are publisher and editor of technical professional web sites in the field of fire safety, automation & robotics and green technologies. The sites are independent online media are valuable communications channels for innovative technologies, high-quality products and best engineering practices.

3. Special Media Projects

We develop, create and publish special media projects - valuable information and marketing resources based on rich knowledge, comprehensive research and deep analyses.

Sales & Engineering Consultancy Services

4. Trade Representative

We provide trade representative services for European companies - developers and manufacturers of technical products and equipment in the field of industry and fire safety.

TechInfoTM is the authorized partner of VID FIREKILL for the Bulgarian market.
VID FIREKILL is the world leading developer and manufacturer of unique "green" firefighting solutions, based on fixed low-pressure water mist systems.

On focus

Water mist fire extinguishing system -
an innovative fire protection technology with
low-pressure water mist

5. Risk Engineering

We provide risk engineering services in the field of fire protection for all kinds of buildings, industrial sites and manufacturing facilities.

We value a long-term relationship with our clients, based on partnership and mutual trustworthy.

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