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Fire protection technology with low pressure water mist (LPMW)
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Water mist systems -
the modern sustainable
fire extinguishing solution

Ecological. Economical. Efficient. Reliable. Long-term. Save.

The use of water mist systems as a modern sustainable technology in the firefighting industry has grown significantly over the last two decades. Water mist systems offer significant advantages over conventional fire protection systems - they use less water than traditional sprinkler systems, cause less damage to high-value tangible assets, and are also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly firefighting solution.

What is water mist?

Spraying water in the form of very fine micro-sized droplets forms a water mist with a large volume and the process is called water „atomization”. Water mist is determined by droplet size of less than one millimeter (1 mm). According to the international standards in the firefighting industry, water mist represents atomized water, in the volume of which 99% (NFPA) or 90% (CEN) of water droplets are smaller than 1 mm (1000 microns). This value is calculated for a minimum operating pressure and a distance of one meter from the nozzles. The size of the droplets is a result of the water pressure and the type of spray nozzle used. 

There are two main types of water mist systems - low and high pressure. In general Low pressure water mist requires 2–12 bars on the nozzles and High pressure requires 40–120 bars on the nozzles.

Source: © TechInfo
Source: © TechInfo

How does water mist work?

For a fire to occur, we need to have four elements in place at the same time: combustible material or substance, heat, oxygen, and chemical reaction. Removing any of these elements will result in extinguishing the fire while interrupting or weakening one of these elements will lead to fire control or suppression. Water mist „copes” with fire by reducing heat, displacing oxygen and controlling the fuel source.

This „three-dimensional” extinguishing mechanism - cooling, oxygen depletion and heat transfer blocking, determines the high extinguishing speed and high extinguishing efficiency of water mist technology and also the outstanding performance of the systems based on this technology. This means that water mist can be used to fight fires in places where ordinary water would not be the most suited or most efficient extinguishing agent.

„Three-dimensional“ fire protection

Water mist systems provide the so called „three-dimensional” fire protection - an incomparably improved feature compared to traditional sprinkler technology, that can be defined as follows:

1) Fire extinguishing: A sharp decrease in the rate of heat release, which leads to the total elimination of any type of fire - flaming or smouldering.

2) Fire suppression: A small but stable and constant reduction of the rate of heat release, resulting in controlling the degree of combustion.

3) Fire control: Limiting the expansion of the fire and protecting the structure by cooling of the objects, absorbing the exhaust gases during combustion and/or prewetting of the adjacent flammable materials.

The key to the effectiveness of water mist technology is the design of the nozzles together with the established pressure criteria. The technology allows water mist systems to operate with a wide pressure range - from 2 to 200 bar, and most often in practice are used low pressure systems (up to 12 bar) and high pressure systems (from 40 to 120 bar).

The water mist system
with low pressure (LPWM) -
the better alternative

Ecological. Economical. Efficient. Reliable. Long-term. Save.

The unique properties of the technology are most evident in low pressure water mist systems (LPWM). The FIREKILL system of VID Fire-Kill ApS provides high speed, efficiency and effectiveness in extinguishing, while using minimal water resources. The system is economical in terms of equipment and installation space and is the most environmentally friendly, reliable and cost-effective fire extinguishing solution available on the market. The FIREKILL system is designed to protect both the occupants of the buildings and the tangible assets and equipment inside the buildings. The purpose is to eliminate all dangers to people and to minimize damage to property, equipment and the building’s structure. The greatest economic benefit of implementing system is to ensure continuity of the work process and operation of the facilities.

Tested and approved technology

LPWM is a performancе-based full-scale fire tested technology. The FIREKILL extinguishing system is based entirely on preliminary tests for various fire scenarios. This allows engineers to create custom fire protection solutions, which meets the unique needs and requirements of the clients. The FIREKILL system makes it possible to create stable and quality solutions that cover all fire risks with almost the same maximum efficiency. The LPWM technology is the right choice when it comes to innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly, safe and long-term fire protection. The system meets the standards EN 14972, EN 17450, FM 5560, NFPA 750, IMO 265, etc. and is approved by licensed bodies such as FM, VdS, DFL, DNV-GL, CEN, UL and others.


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