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Low pressure water mist -

the modern approach in firefighting industry

Technical article - April 2022

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For the last thirty years, water mist fire protection has evolved from a theory to an increasingly widely accepted alternative to traditional water, foam or gas fire protection systems. Water mist offers better protection efficiency, significantly less water consumption and lower investment costs.

Water mist systems are a special category of fire protection systems that, depending on the class of fire hazard, can be designed to control, suppress or extinguish a fire. Their effectiveness is proven by full-scale tests for each class of fire hazard...

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4 pages, A4 format, Pdf file, Issue April 2022.

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WATER MIST Fire Extinguishing Systems

Sustainable Technology in the Fire Protection Industry

General Overview of Water Mist Technology as a Modern Firefighting Solution

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The use of water mist systems as a modern sustainable technology in the firefighting industry has grown significantly over the last two decades. Water mist systems offer significant advantages over conventional fire protection systems - they use less water than traditional sprinkler systems, cause less damage to high-value tangible assets, and are also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly firefighting solution. And more ... the white paper provides a comprehensive answer to the following questions:

10 pages, A4 format, Pdf file, Issue September 2021.

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