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Fire protection technology with low pressure water mist (LPMW)
Manufacturer: VID FIREKILL ApS

Water mist systems -
Automatic nozzles for OH1 fire hazard according to CEN EN 14972

The nozzles OH-VSO and OH-SW2 are part of the firefighting system FIREKILL™

The nozzles model OH-VSO for pendent installation and model OH-SW2 for horizontal installation are designed for effective and reliable protection against most fire risks of a category OH1 (Ordinary Hazard group 1) according to the European standard CEN EN 14972 or LH (Light Hazard) according to the American standard NFPA.

The OH-VSO and OH-SW2 nozzles are part of the low pressure water mist system FIREKILL™ and are specially designed to maximize the protected area while using a minimum amount of water. The different installation options allow implementation of the most effective fire protection solutions for premises of various volume and characteristics.

Approvals and typical applications

The OH-VSO nozzle has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with the standard FM 5560 for fire hazard FM HC1, implemented in the European standard CEN/prEN 14972:2016, part 4. 

The OH-SW2 nozzle has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with the European standard CEN/prEN 14972:2019 (part 1, appendix A) as well as in accordance with VdS fire test protocol for sidewall sprinkler systems for protection of OH1 risk areas by an independent notifying authority.

The OH-VSO and OH-SW2 nozzles protect against fire hazards of a category OH1 (according to CEN EN 14972) or LH (according to NFPA). This category covers the following applications: apartments, atriums, open public spaces, churches, gyms, hospitals, hotel rooms, administrative buildings, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, libraries, museums, social care homes, restaurant halls, school and university classrooms, metalworking workshops with non-hydraulic cutting operations, mineral processing plants (such as gypsum, glass, cement, ore treatment, etc.)  and others.

Product range of nozzles model FIREKILL™ OH

The OH-VSO and OH-SW2 nozzles are part of the wider range of OH (Ordinary Hazard) nozzles - low pressure water mist nozzles with low water consumption designed to operate at low water pressure. The specific concealed installation allows the implementation of all kinds of interior concepts. The nozzles blend perfectly with the surrounding environment, thanks to their unique design and variety of rosettes and coverplates, which can be supplied with personalized printing or in any colour according to the RAL system.

The range of nozzles model OH is designed for effective protection against fire hazards LH, OH1, OH2 and OH3. By combining the nozzles, each suitable for specific areas, the FIREKILL™ system offers complete fire protection for almost all areas in modern buildings.



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