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Fire protection technology with low pressure water mist (LPMW)
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Water mist systems -
Complete protection against fire hazards in tunnels and infrastructure facilities

TUNPROTEC ® - the complete solution for tunnels and infrastructure facilities

TUNPROTEC® is a fixed water mist system, working with a minimum amount of water and under low pressure. The system is specially designed for effective and reliable fire protection of infrastructural facilities such as road, railway, cable and mining tunnels, railway stations, metro stations and other underground facilities.

The system controls the fire at its earliest stage, preventing the fires from spreading, while minimizing the risk of emitting large amounts of smoke and developing a back layering. The back layering effect through the ventilation system is a common concern in the fire protection of tunnels. TUNPROTEC® works with different ventilation strategies, actively preventing back layering from developing.

Approvals and typical applications

The TUNPROTEC® system has been successfully tested in accordance with the European Commission’s initiative UPTUN WP2 D251 and approved in accordance with fire test protocols described in SOLIT 2 report (safety of life in tunnels). System component has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with the water mist nozzles standard IMO 1165 for operation in the most polluted environment, according to the European standard for detection and control systems EN 54, as well as according to the SIL2 standard upon request. The system is full-scale tested by accredited laboratories for fire loads of up to 250 MW for Class A fires and up to 30 MW for Class B fires.

The TUNPROTEC® system is designed to protect road and railway tunnels, metro tunnels, train and metro stations, mining facilities and cable tunnels. The tests up to 250 MW ensure that the system can fully protect burning vehicles in road tunnels, burning open freight wagons with flammable materials in railway tunnels, multiple wagons in metro tunnels and other underground facilities - platforms, station areas, escalators, technical areas, control rooms, shops, offices, etc.

TUNPROTEC® - the complete solution for tunnels and infrastructure facilities

TUNPROTEC® is a low-pressure water mist fire protection system designed to minimize installation and maintenance costs while ensuring fast and reliable protection of people and tunnel structures. The TUNPROTEC® system covers a full range of components - detectors, control panels, nozzles, pumps, valves - specially designed to work as a one completed modern solution for protection of road and underground infrastructure facilities. At all times, the management system sends appropriate information to staff via peripheral systems such as SCADA.

Thanks to the flexible design, the system can be easily installed in both new and existing sites. In many cases, the system brings economic benefits, as the cost of passive fire protection can be reduced along with the cost of designing a ventilation system. Moreover, the installation of the system reduces the risk, allowing higher traffic intensity, transportation of dangerous and potentially flammable goods through the tunnels as well as implementation of safer evacuation strategies.

Източник: © VID FIREKILL
Източник: © VID FIREKILL

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