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Fire protection technology with low pressure water mist (LPMW)
Manufacturer: VID FIREKILL ApS

Water mist systems -
Water mist nozzles for protection against fire hazards in DATA CENTERS

The nozzles OH-DC1 and OH-DC2 are part of the firefighting system FIREKILL™

The nozzles model OH-DC1 for pendent installation and model OH-DC2 for upright installation are designed for effective and reliable fire protection of rooms and halls with data processing equipment.

The OH-DC1 and OH-DC2 nozzles are part of the low-pressure water mist system FIREKILL™ and are specially designed to protect data centers, offering the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution on the market, operating with minimal water and energy consumption. At the same time, they provide a stable and reliable solution, operating at very low water pressure as is common in conventional sprinkler systems.

Approvals and typical applications

The OH-DC1 nozzle has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with FM 5560, Appendix М, the standard for Data Processing Equipment Rooms/Halls Above Raised Floor. The OH-DC2 nozzle has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with FM 5560, Appendix N, the standard for Data Processing Equipment Rooms/Halls Below Raised Floor

The OH-DC1 and OH-DC2 nozzles have been tested at ventilation speeds of up to 1.7 m/s, making them ideally applicable in areas requiring ongoing ventilation, even in the case of fire.

The OH-DC1 and OH-DC2 nozzles are patented automatic water mist nozzles designed to disperse water in the form of very small water droplets with very low water pressure and water flow rates. The created homogeneous fine water mist absorbs heat, reduces radian heat and causes oxygen depletion near the fire and thus controls and suppresses the fire. Due to the large amount of fine water droplets and their small mass, the water mist creates a large coverage hydrating the adjacent combustibles with minimal water expenditures.

Full range of nozzles model FIREKILL™ for data centers

The OH-DC1 and OH-DC2 nozzles are part of the full range of low pressure water mist nozzles of the FIREKILL™ system, designed to offer a complete solution for protection against all fire hazards in modern data centers. By combining the nozzles, each suitable for specific areas, the FIREKILL™ system offers effective, reliable and environmentally friendly fire protection of the entire building.

Depending on the fire protection goals, the configuration of the data center or other specific characteristics of the site, FIREKILL™ allows a hybrid solution with conventional sprinkler installations. The system is scalable and can be easily expanded later with additional nozzles in new or renovated areas of the site.



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